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Spytrainer E-BOOK- COUNTER SURVEILLANCE: CLEANING RUNS- Advanced Security Tradecraft.  This in the only book (or eBook) you will find that teaches you how to do a professional Cleaning Run! This eBook explains the art of the Cleaning Run, which is a very advanced form of Counter Surveillance used extensively by KGB agents and still taught by all top agencies today.  The purpose of the Cleaning Run is to lose surveillance.  When a person has finished performing a Cleaning Run, they should feel confident that no one is watching or following them.  A Cleaning Run is easy to master and can be used by anyone who is trying to detect or lose a follower.  Useful for the person who is being followed by insurance investigators; for a girl being followed by an enamoured suitor; or for the professional agent with a full surveillance team on his tail.  This is must-have training for anyone who needs to protect themselves or others from unknown followers!  The technique is easy to learn and is far simpler than learning advanced and complicated Counter Surveillance moves.  Plus, a Cleaning Run is extremely effective at losing surveillance- even the most professional teams.  Be impossible to follow.  

11 Chapters of training on this highly secret form of Spy Tradecraft!   More info 


Cleaning Runs - Advanced Security Tradecraft..........$29.99                     




Spytrainer E-BOOK- SAFE HOUSES- Advanced Security Tradecraft.  A very detailed book on the use of safe houses for both agent and client protection.  Topics covered include Safe House Basics, Selecting a site, Security Assessments, Operational planning for activating the Safe House and Operational Security Tradecraft for accessing, using and leaving it.   Practical applications include use in times of trouble; when a private place is needed to interview a confidential informant;  for meetings with clients or  sheltering celebrity clients who require strict privacy.  Ideas presented are easy to learn and can be used immediately.  Most important, the safe house we describe is inexpensive and can be used by anyone.  No big bucks required.   A very comprehensive and professional e-book.  Get More info.


Safe Houses - Advanced Security Tradecraft ............ $29.99                    



Spytrainer REPORT- COVERT PHOTOGRAPHY TRAINING- A special report on Covert Photography written by a guy who used these skills everyday to photograph terrorists covertly.  He is still alive so they work!  The report explains in detail Static and Mobile Observations Posts (O.P.s).  This is a how-to manual covering operational security and the do's and don'ts of this secret form of surveillance photography.  A must-have for any Private Investigator or others who need to take photographs or video without anyone knowing.  Get More info


Covert Photography - Advanced Security Tradecraft .............. $12.50             

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